Vegan Cooking Classes in Orange County

*** Gift Certificates now available! ***

Join a group cooking class or schedule a private session in the comfort of your home.

GROUP COOKING CLASSES are a wonderful way to learn new skills, experience new foods, and make new friends.

Each 2-hour session will include the preparation of the items for the evening’s topic, time for questions and discussion, and of course, eating the delicious food we’ve made. We may also enjoy other things not specific to the theme, so you can try some new tastes as well.

Upcoming classes in Orange County:

  • Thursday, March 22 ~ Vegan Sushi (Irvine/Costa Mesa area) 
  • Wednesday, March 28 ~ Easy Family Dinners  (Mission Viejo area)
  • Tuesday, April 3 ~ Intro to Vegan Cooking
  • Sunday, April 8 ~ Using Tofu, Tempeh & Seitan
  • Sunday, April 29 ~ Vegan Baking
  • Saturday, May 5 ~ Mexican Fiesta for Cinco de Mayo
  • Monday, May 14 ~ Making Vegan Cheese (Mission Viejo area)
  • Wednesday, May 30 ~ Intro to Vegan Cooking
  • Tuesday, June 19 ~ Summer Picnic & Party Dishes

All classes are from 6-8 pm unless otherwise noted.

If you’re interested in a particular topic and don’t see it listed, let me know so I can schedule it!

Just $49 per person ~ register here (and please let me know for which date when you register) ~



Planning a gathering with friends or family? Arrange a private vegan cooking class or dinner for your group. Learn to make a wonderful vegan meal and then enjoy the delicious results together.

In-home private customized sessions starting at just $200 ~ you provide the kitchen and I’ll bring everything else to prepare a delicious vegan meal.

Contact me to schedule.

Classes or dinner parties make fantastic gifts for a loved one or for yourself ~ each session is designed with your personal tastes in mind, leaving you with information and skills for the future, along with delicious food!


Sushi party in San Clemente CA


60 thoughts on “Vegan Cooking Classes in Orange County”

    1. Hi Krista, Yes ~ there is still space in both classes, although the August 20th class is getting full. For 4 people, the August 27 class would be a better fit. Looking forward to meeting you!

  1. I have been trying to call you for two weeks and have not received a call back.
    I have purchased a class from groupon and have been trying to sign up for a class.
    I would like to sign up for the Aug 27 class. Also, I have gone by the address given for your classes and there is a small Motel there? So I am confused to say the least.
    Please get in touch with me either by phone or e-mail to clarify were you are located and to sign up for a class. I would like to try one class to see if I may be interested in your series. I live in San Clemente, both locations would work for me.

    Thank you for your quick response.
    Louise Gilliam

    1. Hi Louise,

      Thanks for your message. I’ve been trying to get in touch with you as well.

      Unfortuntely, due to unforseen circumstances, the 8/27 class won’t take place. Will any of the other dates work for you? If not, please let me know and I’ll see what we can arrange. The location details will be confirmed prior to the session date.

      Thank you ~

      Best regards,


  2. Hi, Kelli

    I would like to make a registration for 10/24 class in Irvine. Is this class still available?


    1. Hi Leslie,
      Yes, there is space and I’ve added you to the list. I’ll send out a confirmation with the details prior to the class. Do you have any food allergies? Looking forward to meeting you then!

  3. Hi Kelli
    Thanks for you phone message. My mom and I will be there Nov. 7th. I am interested in some no sugar dessert ideas or with very little non-processed sugars.
    I am also interested in some holiday ideas!
    Thank you,
    Tammy Caserio

    1. Thanks, Tammy. I’ll keep all that in mind as I’m planning the class. Looking forward to meeting you and your mother on the 7th!

    2. Hi Kelli,
      I would like to switch to January 7th, for both me and my mom.
      Thank You
      Tammy Caserio

  4. please reserve me for the Jan 7, vegan class in San Clemente. If my vegan granddaughter is staying with me, then there will be 2 of us.

  5. Hi Kelli,
    I would like to register for December 19th in Irvine for my boyfriend and I.

    Thank you,


  6. Hi Kelly,
    I left a voice message for you this evening, Monday. I have Vegan friend visiting for the Holidays from Florida and can’t wait to share this experience with her. The only day per your on-line schedule that will work is December the 19th in Irvine. Please confirm for two of us and reply with either a phone call or email.
    Thanking you in advance for your quick reply,
    Kathy Armenteros
    714-322-3993 or 949-498-3640 (office)

  7. Hi Kelli! … I’m excited about having found your classes. I’ve a question about the Groupon offer. I see I may purchase 2. I would like to attend two different dates. How will I know if both these dates will have different meals planned/prepared?

    Thanks for offering your classes!


    1. Hi Glen, That’s no problem. If you register for both at the same time, I’ll make a note to make sure the classes have different menus. If you reserve the second class later on, just remind me which class you had already attended. Thanks!

  8. Hi Kelli,

    I’m trying schedule a class for me and my boyfriend. Let me know when the next class in San clement is open.

    Thanks so much 🙂

  9. My mom and I are scheduled for tomorrow nights class. Due to work and childcare issues I need to reschedule. Are there any dates in May that we may be able to attend? Merri 7147266897

  10. Hi, I bought a groupon to give this a try, is Aug 2 tofu open? I haven’t had any luck figuring out how to cook this 😦

    1. Yes, there is space! Please send me an email at the address on your Groupon with the Groupon number. And let me know if there is something in particular you’d like to learn to make with it (or something you’ve tried that hasn’t worked!). See you soon!

    1. Yes it is! There is space and I’d love to have you join. Once you’ve purchased the Groupon, just email me your details. See you then!

    1. Hi Michelle,

      The public classes are held in Mission Viejo. Private classes can be arranged anywhere in LA or Orange County.

  11. Hi there. I was wanting to sign up for the Aug 20th date but am a little confused. Once I purchase the groupon, how do I know is there is room in the class to choose it? How do I sign up for that class? And where is the class located?- I noticed that it had mentioned Mission Viejo, but I did not see an address.

    1. Hi Katie, thanks for your message. Once you purchase the Groupon, there is will be an email address on it – you just need to send me your name, date of the class, and voucher number and I’ll get you registered for it. There is still space on Aug. 20, so that will be fine. The classes are held at the Murray Community Center on Veteran’s Way. The address is on the voucher, and I will send out a confirmation email with the details prior to the session. Hope to see you there soon!

    1. Hi Bonnie, the menus often change from class to class, and each one is designed for the participants. For each session, I check for allergies and food preferences, so if you’re gluten-free you can just let me know and I’ll take that into consideration when planning the menu. But the items don’t use much gluten or oils for the most part anyway.

  12. Do you teach how to make different sauces?
    Would I be able to do the class with my 10 year old daughter?

    1. Hi Lia, Yes I can definitely incorporate sauces into the menu for the class that you choose to attend. When you contact me to register, you can just let me know what sorts of things you are interesting in making or learning about. It would be wonderful to have your daughter come with you!

      1. thanks for your reply Kelli. I have a groupon for 2 for a cooking class and my husband and I can’t find a date that works for our schedules. Is it possible for us split it into 2 classes and we can each attend separately?

  13. Hi Kelli,
    Can the kitchen accommodate a wheelchair and/or walker? How comfortable would the space be? Thanks in advance.

    1. Yes, the building and classroom are accessible and can easily work with either one. The work and eating spaces are regular tables & chairs so it’s easy either way. Hope to see you soon!

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