Citrus Rosemary Grilled Brussels Sprouts

From what I hear, summer is starting to wind down… although we’re still having temps in the 90s, so the end of summer seems a loooong way off right now.

End of summer or not, there’s still time to get a few last things on the grill. Especially on those hectic evenings when you’ve been at work all day, or running around with the kids all day, just pop a few things out there and they’re magically ready in 20 minutes or so.

One thing I’d never managed to do on the grill were brussels sprouts. Surprising, given my love for them. But after making the amazing Chipotle Lemon Grilled Corn on the Cob, I knew that citrus and herbs would make my beloved tiny cabbages taste incredible!

And so easy…. this is one of those non-recipe recipes. 🙂

Gather your ingredients…



Take your cleaned and prepped brussels sprouts and place them in foil or use your favorite grilling technique. I added some whole garlic cloves because why not?


Sprinkle with some chopped herbs (I used rosemary because that’s what’s currently growing in the container garden) and some citrus juice. I used both lemon and lime…

Grill for about 15-20 minutes (you may want to start checking after 10) or if you’re not inclined to fire it up, bake in the oven for about a half hour.



Of course, the oven won’t give this beautiful coloring, but they’ll still be amazing.

So simple to make and totally delicious!

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