Workshops, Retreats & Other Services

I am available for private and group programs, including:


Contact me for details of an individualized program tailored to your needs.




Mind Body Spirit Expo, Long Island ~ July 24

Vegan Cooking Classes on Long Island, NY~ July 25

Vegan Lifestyle Weekend on Long Island, NY ~ June 28-30

Vegan Yoga Wellness Retreat in Santa Cruz, CA  ~ June 21-25

28-Day Transition to a Plant-Based Diet Program ~ May 13-June 9

One thought on “Workshops, Retreats & Other Services

  1. I am interested in your May 8 vegan cooking class. Can you also teach me how to make homemade fermented beverages like rice kefir. quinoa kefir and other fermented beverages. Also am interested in learning which probiotic cultures offer which benefits or are is their much differesnt among the different cultures. I have some stuff on this and am not certain about it.
    Thank You
    Ed McGill

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