The Great Jalapeno (and Habanero and Santa Fe Grande) Extravaganza

When I started adding plants to my garden this year, I bought a few kinds of hot peppers. We love it spicy around here, and so I thought I’d see what would grow. Little did I know how easy it is to grow these little guys, so now we are overrun with hot peppers.
They’ve now been on the vine so long that they are starting to deepen their colors, so it’s time to put them to good use.  This week will be a series of what I can figure out to do with them :-).

Today started with a nice spicy green juice. My juice included a small bunch of romaine, a persian cucumber, a couple of apples, and a jalapeno (yes, that is a jalapeno that turned red on the plant).

I staarted out with half of the pepper, but then put in the other half for good measure. My thought was that the pepper would get stronger on the vine, but it wasn’t nearly as spicy as I thought it would be.  Do they get milder as they turn red?

The result was a nice, sorta murky light green that tasted great. Nice mild green flavor from the romaine, sweetness from the apple, and a kick at the end from the pepper. I should have added some lemon ~ that would be perfect!

Back soon with more jalapeno creations!

3 thoughts on “The Great Jalapeno (and Habanero and Santa Fe Grande) Extravaganza”

  1. I have a Serrano plant and yes the peppers get milder when they turn red from green.

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