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A Handbag to (Not) Die For ~ Vegan Bags by 88 Handbags

A couple of weeks ago, I had an important meeting to go to, had some papers to bring and wanted to look great. Not like I was bringing a folder of papers in a little tote bag ~ it needed to look sharp. And it did, because I had this beautiful bag to carry everything with me ~


I love finding new-to-me companies that make ethical and eco-friendly vegan clothing, shoes, and accessories, and I’m happy to be profiling several of them soon. Here is the first of them ~ 88 Handbags.

88 handbags is a collection of bags that are on trend, that look great, and work with everything, with a new spring collection filled with bright colors and unique styles. The company’s goal is to create items that enhance their customers’ lives by helping them look good while carrying all the things they need. Their bags are designed to help express individual style, and most importantly, to be useful during the daily adventures of life. It is obvious that these bags are created by people who love what they do, and who do it well!

Isn’t this the cutest cross-body bag? I can’t wait to get one!

88 is a completely vegan brand, so no animal products are used in the making of their bags. The founder of 88 is a lifelong vegetarian, who believes strongly in their brand’s vegan message.

88 is one of the many brands that are now taking a stand against construction methods that have harmful effects on both animals and the environment, and only uses PU (polyurethane) in their bags. PU is a leather-alternative material that not only looks amazing, but it breathes well and is super durable. PU doesn’t contain any of the volatile compounds that are found in PVC-based products. The production of the highest quality PU uses environmentally friendly raw materials, and the finished product doesn’t emit toxins.


Another great thing about 88 is that they donate a percentage of every sale to a charity that assists in educating women around the world, as they believe that educating women is the key to a better world. They are also starting a new campaign that will allow them to partner with different vegan organizations.

As far as the name goes, the number “88” is the number of constellations in the sky. Shuttle mission 88 started construction of the international space station finished in 1988. In ham radio, “88” is the sign off that means love and kisses. “88” is considered the luckiest number in Chinese culture as it sounds like “word for wealth”. The snake swallowing its own tail is an ancient Egyptian symbol for the self-sustaining, self-contained universe. “88” represents the cycle of creation and recreation. All of these meanings embody what 88 handbags truly is.

And right now, they are having a Memorial Day sale ~ 20% off and free shipping! Visit for more details.


(Note: 88 Handbags generously provided me with a handbag to try out, but all opinions are my own. Background research and writing assistance from Teagan Montgomery, Fashion and Beauty Journalist)

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