My Superimmunity Soup


It’s that time of year again… while I no longer live in a place that has real “winter”, I remember it well – when the snow is no longer pretty, it just turns into brown slush immediately; when you can never seem to get warm… ever; when you’ve had enough of heated air and long to throw the windows open; and when you’re just waiting for that day… that day of the first thaw, when it gets warm enough to have your coat unzipped and the promise of spring is in the air…. and you know that there really will be an end to the cold and wet.

And this is also the time when we start to notice more sickness in our lives.  From the germs we pick up on the subway/bus/train/escalator at the mall, to the germs that the kids bring home, to the recycled indoor air that we’re breathing over and over, our immunity goes down and the aches and runny nose begin. Continue reading