Vegan Meal Delivery in Southern CA with The Ranch Daily

How are those New Year’s resolutions coming? You know, the ones where you want to eat better, lose weight, go to the gym daily, or transition to a fully vegan diet? This is right about the time where our initial enthusiasm has worn out with the demands of daily life and we’re ready for a boost to get back into our stride.

I hear a lot of people saying “I’d love to eat this way all the time if only I had someone to cook for me.” Well you can! With the proliferation of meal delivery services, you can easily have food delivered directly to your door that is ready to go or requires minimal preparation. And if you live in Southern California, you can have your meals delivered from The Ranch Daily, which is an amazing, high end, 100% vegan, organic, gluten-free meal delivery service.

With The Ranch Daily, meals are freshly prepared and delivered to your door daily in a cooler bag – never frozen, always fresh. You can choose from 2 meal plans (breakfast/lunch/dinner/1 salad/2 snacks or lunch/dinner/1 salad/2 snacks), a 3- 5- or 20- day subscription (and new customers can choose 1 day to try it out) and choose the days that you would like delivery.

One thing that I really love about this service is that menus are posted online in advance, and you can choose any days for delivery. So if you order a 3-day meal plan for the coming week but don’t like the menu offered on Tuesday, you can choose to have meals delivered on Monday, Wednesday and Friday (or Thursday). It’s a simple process, and you start to look forward to it just from reading the delicious menus.

When you wake up in the morning, your meals for the day are waiting for you.


They are nicely packed, and everything is labeled, so you know which is for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.



And you also get a daily email listing the menu for the day, the ingredients, and why it’s nutritious for you.


Each item has a preparation label, so you know if you’re supposed to eat it as it is, or if it needs to be heated.


Here are some of my favorites:

Cinnamon Apple Protein Pancakes


Artichoke Pizza


Raw Wrap (I love how the ends were dipped in sesame seeds!)


Eggplant with Lentils and Veggies


Sesame Cashews (these were AMAZING!)


The customer care is exceptional. They are in contact throughout your service, from the daily menu emails, to a reminder when your plan is about to end so you are able to continue without a break if you choose.

I highly recommend The Ranch Daily. It’s a delicious way to enjoy nutritious vegan meals at home, either on a regular basis or as a jumpstart to get your diet where you want it to be. You can go to their website to register and begin receiving vegan meals right away. If you join, let us know what meals you enjoyed and how it went!

(Note: I was provided a 3-day meal plan from The Ranch Daily in exchange for an honest review. This post also contains my affiliate links.)

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