Better than a potato chip ~ Part 1

Oh, potato chips…. little salty crunchy things that get so many people into trouble. Why? Because they taste so good…. but they have too much fat, too much salt and about 5000 calories a handful.

I have been on a mission to find a great substitute for them, and found something that brings us partway there: vegan sour cream & onion kale chips!  These aren’t my own recipe, they were created by Toronto raw vegan Chef Douglas McNish. And they are fantastic.

You can find the recipe here.

Getting dressed up in vegan sour cream & onion sauce for the dehydrator

Getting ready to go in the dehydrator

Dehydrating overnight

They taste great… the one problem that I’ve found with them is that they are very light. While this is good in many cases, sometimes it’s nice to have something a little thicker and crunchier.

So tomorrow will be Part 2 in this quest ~ I’m going to try this amazing sauce on some homemade potato chips and see how the vegan sour cream & onion chips come out…. stay tuned!

5 thoughts on “Better than a potato chip ~ Part 1”

  1. Thanks Kelli for sharing this. i use a tahini nase for my kale chiips, always great to have new ideas! JGD

  2. Oops. Meant tahaini base, spin in processor and add spices etc to that!
    These are delicious, thanks for the motivation.

    1. Sounds great with tahini too…. On the blog on Kristen’s Raw, she has a Cheezy Nacho sauce with a hemp seed base – that would be a great sauce for kale chips also.

    1. Not yet…. I made my first experiment with actual potatoes and it was somewhat of a fail. I spoke too soon when I said it would be the next day 🙂 But will definitely continue and post the results!

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