Now I know why it’s the happiest country….

… in the world.

Whew ~ back to regular posting now! Internet became pretty slow where we were in Bhutan, and we all even lost blackberry coverage for the last 3 days of the trip, so not much was done. Now I”m in Bangok for a couple of days before returning to California, and I’m very excited to be online again.

While in Bhutan, we learned an amazing fact – it’s illegal to slaughter any animal there! Can you imagine being in a place where it’s not allowed to kill an animal in the entire country? It gives such an amazing feeling.

There are also several rivers where fishing is not allowed. We first heard that fishing was not allowed either, but then learned that some (i.e. people with money) are able to buy fishing licenses… but anyone without a license can’t fish at all. It would be wonderful to have this changed also, but even the lack animal slaughter there is something to be happy about.

And now back to the food…..

Since I was with an organized group, we were fortunate to have people preparing lots of wonderful food for us ~ and it was all beautiful.

Sauteed rice with veggies, pasta topped with sauteed eggplant, and amazing salad composed of baby greens, olives, pomegranate seeds and more, topped with a light citrus viniagrette

This particular chef was great with herbs ~ herbed pasta with olive oil, herbed sauteed potatoes, and herbed sauteed veggies that were cooked to crisp perfection, with spinach soup at the top.

Lots of fresh squeezed juice (this was apple, but we were also treated to orange, mango, watermelon and pineapple juices) and tea (green, black, lemon and ginger).

Tea, fresh juice, fresh  rye bread with incredible jams. For a couple of the meals, we had APRICOT  butter – like apple butter but made with apricots. It was truly wonderful – not too sweet fruit with lots of spices. That is one thing that I will certainly be replicating when I get home.

Tonight I’m off to try some vegan food in Bangkok!

A few people have expressed an interest in seeing more of Bhutan, so even though it’s not food related, I’m going to add a few photos here….. Bhutan is by far the most beautiful place I’ve ever been. Every inch that we saw of the country was beautiful ~

And one more piece of Bhutan information ~ landing and takeoffs from the Paro airport are so difficult that only 15 pilots in the world are allowed to land there. It was really an amazing flight into and out of there….

Here’s a video – watch how close the mountains are. The plane has to go right in between them. The real action starts at around 4:30.

7 thoughts on “Now I know why it’s the happiest country….”

  1. So amazing! I’ve wanted to go to Bhutan for the longest time, and this just makes me even more determined to get there one day!

    1. It is really fabulous. The most beautiful country, nicest people…. every superlative you can think of 🙂 I’d urge everyone to make the trip at some point!

  2. JGD Thrilled about Your Bhutan postings. Happiest country is where I definitely will have to go with my friends once in my life to fully experience ahimsa lifestyle. JL

  3. Thank you so much for sharing the photos and the food descriptions. Very interesting to see what they serve there. That’s totally awesome about the legal protection of the animals! That says a lot about the people there. Watched the landing flick…WOW. I love the photo of you with the temple tops in the background. Glad you got to go, Kelli.

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