I’m Back and Matt & Nat $1995 Shopping Spree

It’s been a looong time, but I am back and will have more new posts soon. I spent 5 days this week with my Vegan Wellness Retreat in Santa Cruz. We had a wonderful time, made some deeee-lic-ious food and all learned alot.

One of the participants came away so happy because, as she said, “Now I know I can cook!”

I’ll have photos soon on the blog, and one of the special recipes in my upcoming newsletter. If you haven’t yet joined the newsletter mailing list, join now (on the sidebar).

But in the meantime, I just heard about this great $1995 giveaway from Matt & Nat. I have a Matt & Nat purse and wallet and they are great… I would love more!

They make vegan handbags, wallets, computer cases and more, and eco/recycled/upcycled materials whenever they can.

Enter on their facebook page.


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