Chocolate-Drizzled Vegan Cannoli with Fresh Peaches


I think one of the absolute best things about summer is the peaches – never at another time can you get one that tastes as perfect as it does in mid-August. There is just something about that perfectly juicy, ripe and fragrant fruit ~ nothing else can compare to it.

So this is how I decided to use my perfectly ripe peaches ….


And as it happens, I was invited to guest post on my dear friend Somer’s blog today – so that is where you’ll find the recipe. If you haven’t been over to Vedged Out yet, just go immediately. Somer has endless creativity in the kitchen, creating spectacular meals, and a fabulous sense of humor to match. She also has an amazing story of healing through a plant-based diet, that everyone needs to read. She is a true inspiration and I’m beyond happy to have her as a friend.

So don’t wait ~ head on over to Vedged Out for this recipe.

3 thoughts on “Chocolate-Drizzled Vegan Cannoli with Fresh Peaches”

    1. Thanks Somer ~ I’m so happy to be there! Love how you wrote the story… went from laughing to all teary-eyed in a matter of seconds đŸ™‚ . Thanks so much for inviting me! xx

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