Weekend of Vegan Cooking Classes in Bad Toelz, Germany

I recently spent 3 weeks in Europe, half of it working and half of it playing. The trip was anchored by 2 weekends of programs, in Germany and Denmark, and the time in the middle I spent in Paris and London. Let me tell you, there is some pretty great vegan food in Europe, not the least of which was what we made in our classes.  I’ll be sharing some photos and details about the amazing restaurants and food, along with some of the recipes of what we made.

First up is the wonderful weekend I spent in Bad Toelz, Germany. In this beautiful town in the German countryside, we had 20 hours of vegan classes and made 27 amazing recipes.

Here are some photos of our weekend (and next up this week I’ll be sharing one of the recipes that we made!).


This one isn’t very photogenic, but I promise it tasted amazing. You know those pastries from the grocery store – Entenmann’s and the like? The ones with fruit in the middle and all that sugary glaze and the oil-filled pastry? This tasted exactly like that ~ seriously. We made a gluten-free coconut flour cake with fresh pineapple and vanilla cashew cream, and it didn’t have all the oil or refined sugar but had all the same great taste.

See more here!



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