Product Review

How is the New Vegan Beyond Burger?

Veganism and vegan foods  are rapidly becoming big business. Chain vegan restaurants such as Veggie Grill are raising millions to expand across the US and Beyond Meat can count Bill Gates, Biz Stone and even big-meat producer Tyson Foods among its investors. With this growth, the quality of the food that is produced is also… Continue reading How is the New Vegan Beyond Burger?


Rosemary Olive Potpie Turnovers

I have a confession to make... I'm extremely food-suggestible. In other words, if you tell me about it or I see it, I usually want to eat it. That means I easily fall prey to mentions of food in books, magazines, and on late night television. Of course, I don't always eat it, but that… Continue reading Rosemary Olive Potpie Turnovers