Herbed Probiotic Cashew Cheese

A couple of weeks ago, I had the fun of catering the food for a baby shower for some friends. It was really beautiful ~ a garden-party afternoon tea on a warm sunny day, with lots of happy people joining the celebration. The food was afternoon-tea style, with little crustless sandwiches, fruit salad with cashew… Continue reading Herbed Probiotic Cashew Cheese


Spring Lentil Salad

One thing that I love about spring is the freshness everywhere. Actually, that's the thing that I miss most about living in an area with real seasons ~ that one day when the snow is starting to melt and the sun is out and you just know that spring is almost here. In California, we don't… Continue reading Spring Lentil Salad


(Raw) Borscht Salad

I've had an abundance of beets lately and needed some new inspiration to use them up. I'm not all that fond of roasted beets, and one can only use so many in juice.  So... in thinking about it, I thought of the many dinners of borscht that I've had. I have several Russian & Ukranian… Continue reading (Raw) Borscht Salad