Ultra-endurance Athlete Rich Roll

One thing I’ve always been fascinated by are people’s stories of where they started and how they got where they are. I love hearing about where their journey took them, and the decisions they made along the way.

And so often I’m surprised at how different “today” is from where the beginning was. Rich Roll is an ultramarathoner who lives in Malibu. I’d heard of him a couple of years ago, but didn’t know much about how he became a raw-food loving endurance athlete. He’s one of those people I’d look at and think that he was always like that – always an athlete, always in great shape, etc.

I recently saw this post that he wrote “From Couch Potato to One of the World’s Fittest Men”… really amazing what changes he has made in only 5 years. Hearing stories like this really make me remember that anything is possible.

Read more here: From Couch Potato to One of the World’s Fittest Men

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