It’s off to NY I go… and the most amazing sandwich!

I”m leaving veeeery early tomorrow morning to spend 6 days in New York City.

It all started with a nutrition conference that I wanted to go to on the weekend… then I added a couple of yoga classes to teach…. then I figured that I can’t be in NY without seeing a couple of shows… and of course trying all of the various vegan restaurants there.

So now it’s 2 days of nutrition conference, 2 yoga classes (1 of them including an intro to vegan section), 2 shows and 12 vegan restaurants to try to get to, all in 5 1/2 days! We’ll see how it goes đŸ™‚ and I will certainly be posting all of the incredible vegan food there.

Since travel-prep days are really busy, I generally don’t prepare food for myself in the midst of it all. Today was no exception, so while I was out doing errands, I got a sandwich at Whole Foods. I loooove sandwiches, especially really great ones. They’re something I don’t usually take the time to make really good ones of, because it always seems like alot of work to prepare all the various ingredients for something that will be consumed in about 5 minutes… so I tend to buy them more than make them.

This one was GREAT! I’m not sure if it’s because I was really hungry, or if it was just exceptional, but it really was. It has more processed parts than I’m trying to eat right now, but that’s ok… it served its purpose very well.

(Are you still reading?)

Our local Whole Foods has a section called “Local Favorites”, and amazingly, 2 out of 3 of the sandwiches are vegan!  The one I tried today is called the “Porkless Pulled BBQ Sandwich” or something like that. It had Gardein faux-chicken with BBQ sauce, cheddar Daiya cheese, dill pickle slices, and vegan cole slaw, all on an olive ciabatta roll.

It was light and filling, with all of the flavors perfectly blended, and just enough but not too much bread.  Perfect for a busy day and truly amazing.
If anyone is in or near NY, here are the details of the programs I’ll be doing. See you from NY!

4 thoughts on “It’s off to NY I go… and the most amazing sandwich!”

  1. i admire you spending 5 days in NYC! Sounds like you are doing it in a fun and welcoming way! when you rethurn I will share my August anniversay this year in NYC.

    Some time , please elaborate on the daiya cheese. i have looked at it many time but have not brought myself to experiment.

    Have a great food and flow asvnture! JGD!

    1. Thank you, Bhakti Lila! It’s been years since I’ve been in NY, so I’m excited.

      Yes, I will do a post soon about vegan cheese. Daiya is wonderful stuff, although I’d rather make my own if possible, to control the amounts of oils, etc. used. I recently found a recipe for homemade vegan cheese on another blog, and it sounds fabulous, so once I get back and settled I’m going to give it a try. Then I’ll do a comparison of them.

  2. JGD Wanna have one of these sandwiches now…all Your fault:))) And hey, have a fantastic time in NY! SGD

  3. I never have sandwiches myself and couldn’t ever figure out why– but you’re right! to get all those delicious things chopped and layered and condimented and everything, and then I eat it in three bites. This one looks fantastic, though. I am missing olives….

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