Banana Romaine Salad – My Tweaked Version

Salads in our house are typically the a-little-of-everything, chopped up and served with a nice tahini dressing or balsamic viniagrette sort. These are wonderful, and incredible sources of nutrition, but every so often I want a salad with more focused flavors.

One of my favorites is Kristen’s Banana Romaine salad with ginger shallot dressing. I would never have thought to put these flavors together, but it’s really incredible. Crunchy-watery romaine with creamy sweet bananas, all wrapped up in a sharp and spicy dressing? Amazing.

I had the desire for that salad yesterday, and I decided to tweak it a little and pump it up with some extra textures and flavors.

My salad had:

The verdict?  Incredible. Crunchy-watery romaine, creamy sweet bananas, sharp spicy daikon, crunchy almonds, chewy earthy goji berries, and that spicy dressing…. really really great.

Try some banana on your next salad… you won’t regret it!

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