Transition to Vegan: Tip #2

Here in our Transition to Vegan series is tip #2 ~ Focus on what you already know!

In tip # 1, we started thinking about how to maximize the dishes that can be made from common parts to save time in preparing meals that are new-to-you:  using a sauce as a salad dressing, using leftover cooked rice for rice pudding, and turning a salad into a wrap the next day are some examples.

Today, I want you to start thinking about what you already know. If you are trying to cut out/down on meat or dairy products, the task may seem huge. There are so many new ingredients to buy, and you have to learn how to prepare all new meals, right?  Wrong! I bet there are many dishes in your current repertoire that are already vegan, or remain much the same without the meat or dairy. Just think about it ~



Pasta with marinara


Beautiful, colorful salads

Hummus and falafel

Chili with beans


Hearty rich soups (use vegetable broth instead of animal-based)

French fries


Chips & Salsa

Kelli’s Vegan Kitchen – Cranberry Orange Oatmeal



Smoothies Smoothies Smoothies

And so much more!  What are your favorite “already-vegan” foods?

1 thought on “Transition to Vegan: Tip #2”

  1. Absolutely great tip! Sometimes we have no idea what to cook, and then we do not think about all the wonderful meals we already know. Why?! Just think about what You already know! Your tip, Kelli, to me seems to be a conclusion from this every day experience.

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