Video Blast: Cranberry Orange Oatmeal

I don’t have a lot of fond breakfast memories from when I was growing up. In high school, I do remember getting up late every morning, rushing so as not to be late for school (even though I was late for homeroom nearly every day), with a hurried glass of orange juice on the way out the door.

Earlier, in elementary school, I did a little bit better. I would usually get up with enough time to sit down at the table and choose which of the little packets of hot cereal I wanted to have that day. I loved Cream of Wheat. There was just something about the creamy, slightly gritty texture, and the lumps… I LOVED the lumps! We’d always have the little flavored packets – maple brown sugar was my favorite.  Can we say sugar addict? 🙂

But I hated oatmeal… couldn’t stand it. The texture was gross, all slimy and gooey, and the flavor always seemed to be at the top. Once I ate the top layer, there was nothing left except for the tasteless oats that were getting cold at the bottom.

But, in adulthood, I’ve come to love oatmeal, and I think the reason is that I’ve learned how to prepare them so they actually taste like something! And oatmeal is really good for you – tons of fiber, and there are so many delicious and nutritious things that can be added to make them taste great.

This video is from the first live online cooking class that I gave, the very first item that I prepared. It’s a great recipe, and I still have people tell me that they make variations of this recipe and love it.

Before we get to the video ~ for those on my mailing list who have seen the first “Save the Date” notices about my 5-day Vegan Wellness Retreat in Santa Cruz, more details are now available here, and you can register here.

6 thoughts on “Video Blast: Cranberry Orange Oatmeal”

  1. JGD Kelli, the new cover of Your video-serial is amazing! Clear and light, really cool and super professioal. Very inspiring. Congrats! Love it. JL

  2. That was a fun story about the childhood breakfasts…lol. I too have come to love oatmeal. Thanks for the video clip! I love the calmness & naturalness of your videos. And the 5-day Wellness Retreat looks extremely inviting!

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