Video Blast: Cranberry Orange Oatmeal

I don’t have a lot of fond breakfast memories from when I was growing up. In high school, I do remember getting up late every morning, rushing so as not to be late for school (even though I was late for homeroom nearly every day), with a hurried glass of orange juice on the way out the door.

Earlier, in elementary school, I did a little bit better. I would usually get up with enough time to sit down at the table and choose which of the little packets of hot cereal I wanted to have that day. I loved Cream of Wheat. There was just something about the creamy, slightly gritty texture, and the lumps… I LOVED the lumps! We’d always have the little flavored packets – maple brown sugar was my favorite.  Can we say sugar addict? 🙂

But I hated oatmeal… couldn’t stand it. The texture was gross, all slimy and gooey, and the flavor always seemed to be at the top. Once I ate the top layer, there was nothing left except for the tasteless oats that were getting cold at the bottom. Continue reading