Things I’m Loving Lately

Taking a short break from food recipes today to mention some of the other things that I use that I particularly love. After all, there is more to life than food, right? Well…. sometimes 🙂

Sometimes it’s the little things, right? I’ve been using lots and lots of lemon lately ~ on salads & veggies, in water and smoothies, and in pretty much everything possible ~ and this lemon squeezer makes juicing so easy. I don’t know what I did without it….

  • Evan Healy facial products  

A month or so ago, I needed to buy some face cleanser and happened to be in Whole Foods, so took a look at what they had. I’d heard about Evan Healy products in the past but hadn’t yet tried them, so was happy to see that they had a trial kit. I bought the Rose skin care kit, and have tried everything in it and will absolutely use it again ~ I’m totally in love with it. Evan Healy products are vegan (with the exception of the lip & eye balm), not tested on animals, certified organic, and sourced from small farms around the world. You can try the Rose kit here.

  • Walks in nature  

I think we’ve all been there ~ too many hours in front of the computer, or in the car, or running from place to place. In our busy, overscheduled lives it can be easy to forget to get outside into the sun and just enjoy it for a few minutes. Now in the longest days of the year (sorry, friends in the Southern Hemisphere!), find those few moments and get yourself out there!

  • Lots of fruit and smoothies photo

(Ok, I had to put a some food in here!) To go with the long summer days, many places are experiencing hot hot temperatures. It’s really important to take in lots of water, but even if you don’t like to drink it, you can eat it! By adding lots of water-filled fruits and veggies to your day, you will remain hydrated and full.

  • Grapefruit!  grapefruit

I have a newly rediscovered love affair with grapefruit – I just love everything about it. So that means grapefruit to eat, drink, clean with, and put in baths and oils and lotions. And not so long ago, I remembered that when I was drinking artificially flavored soda when I was growing up, Fresca was my favorite ~ and I just realized that it was supposed to be grapefruit flavored. Just looking it up, I see that it’s still sold – and the differences between the ingredients in the US version and the Mexican version are striking…

In other news, if you missed the update on Facebook or the original post, Natalie was the winner of the Vegan Richa’s Indian Kitchen giveaway. If you’d like to get your own copy, you can do that here.

I’ll be starting a new session of the Intro to Plant-Based Diet online course on Monday, July 13. If you’re thinking of shifting to more of a vegan diet, or know someone who is, this is a great introduction, with lots of recipes and information to help incorporate more plant-based foods for a healthier life (yours and the animals!). More information and registration is here.

(This is not a sponsored post ~ I’m just sharing items that I love. However, it may include affiliate links that provide a small commission if you choose to buy. Thank you for your support!)



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