Vegan Travel Food ~ Vegan MOFO

Today is the first day of Vegan MOFO – the Vegan Month of Food. I’m happy to be joining in this great program to share all of the great yummy food that vegans eat.

This month is beginning a little differently than normal ~ I’ll be doing some traveling this month, so will be posting my vegan food experiences while traveling, as well as great home-cooked food in between trips.

Today I’m writing from the busy city of Bangkok. I spent last night here, and will depart late tonight for the beautiful country of Bhutan.

Over the last few days before departing, I spent some time collecting food to take with me on the trip. It’s really important to bring food that will give good quick nutrition, be easily packable, and be easy to carry on day trips.

Here are the things that I got for this trip (although not all made it due to my already overpacked luggage!):

Counterclockwise, from top left: Dr. Macdougall’s Instant Soup (great indredients, nothing bad), Justin’s Almond Butter Packets, Wild Garden Hummus Packets (that’s one little packet on top of the box), Soy Dream boxes, Organic Apple Juice boxes, Raw Hail Merry Chili Chipotle Pecans, packets of green powder, Trader Joe’s Multigrain Crackers, Luna Bars, and dehydrated edamame.

Although most places have juice available, I like to bring a few to always have on hand to mix the green powder for instant nutrition. I make individual little bags of green powder so they are ready to pour, shake and drink. These particular bags are a combination of Vitamineral Greens and Vitamineral Earth. TJ’s multigrain crackers are perfect to pack because of the shape and size of the package – no extra packaging and they don’t crush too easily since the crackers are in a row.

I didn’t have space for the Dr. Macdougall’s cups this time, but I did make space for tea and coffee to go with the soy milk 🙂

When we go out for day trips, I’ll put some crackers into a small baggie and take a couple of almond butter or hummus packets with me. They are perfect to have for a quick protein snack while hiking.

It’s also important to bring good food for the flight, especially if it’s a long one. The dry cabins and recycled air make it really important to bring good hydrating food. I often prepare my own food for flights, but ran out of time so this is what I bought to bring: a Whole Foods salad shaker cup, pineapple, berries, one of the green powder packs, and tofu salad.

I ate the salad & tofu in the airport prior to departure – it was a late overnight flight, so I wanted to have the denser food for dinner, but didn’t want to eat it late at night.  During the flight, the fruit was perfect to keep me full with all the fiber and hydrated from all of the water.

(Note to self: pour the dressing over the salad BEFORE getting into the security line so you don’t end up with viniagrette all over yourself!)

The green powder packet I always bring to mix with juice either on a layover or to have something quick upon arrival. These are great because you can feel the nutrition feeding the body instantly.

And with that, I will write you next from Bhutan!

4 thoughts on “Vegan Travel Food ~ Vegan MOFO”

  1. JGD Wish You a splendid trip to the land with constitutional organic agriculture! Your travel equipment is perfect, so food and bev should never become an issue. Looking forward to the Bhutan postings! SGD

  2. can’t wait to see what wonderful food you encounter in bhutan !
    take lots of photos for us back home.

  3. awesome! I love your theme. You have a lot of the same travel food staples that I do. Dried edamame, nut butters, luna bars, soup packets, and hummus packets. So much yumminess! Have fun in Bhutan, that sounds amazing.

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