Great Green Juice

Now that my orgy of indulgence in New York is over, it’s been time to get back on track around here.  Juices, smoothies, lots of raw (and some cooked) veggies, oatmeal and more…..

Juice is one of my favorite things, especially light and refreshing green juices. It’s still been warm  here in the afternoons – high 80s – so I found this combination to be very cooling, especially the addition of the mint.

This one had 1 romaine heart, 5 small persian cukes, 1″ x 1/2″ piece of ginger, 3 stalks celery (the small ones from the center), a large handful of parsley, 2 green apples, 1/2 small lemon, 2 long stalks of mint.

It made about a quart, and it was GREAT!
And some exciting news ~ my newsletter is going to start coming out soon. It will go beyond the scope of the recipes from Kelli’s Vegan Kitchen and include articles and tips for healthy living, and news of my health coaching practice. It won’t be published on this blog, so to get all of the information, sign up here!

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