What is a typical raw food day like?

I am FINALLY getting around to answering a question that was asked several months ago…. ok, so I forgot about it 🙂 But it’s fun to think about and good information, so I decided to answer it here for everyone to read.

The original question was what makes up a raw food diet –  what would a daily raw food diet be comprised of?

And really, the possibilities are endless ~ it can be as simple or as complicated as one wants it to be. Here are some examples of what it could look like:



For someone who likes to eat light in the morning, breakfast could be as simple as a piece of fruit with raw almond butter, or a smoothie or juice.

A more medium-sized eater could have some pudding made of chia seeds or avocado/chocolate or raw granola/cereal with some added fruit, raw nuts, coconut and hemp seeds.

And a big morning eater could have a heavier breakfast of a raw cobbler with blended nuts and dates and a fresh fruit filling, or some soaked grains blended with fruit and nuts, a raw bagel with raw vegan cream cheese, or even a raw “tofu benedict“.

Lunch & Dinner:


I’m combining lunch and dinner because the types of dishes can be interchangeable for these meals. Some people like to eat a larger meal at night, and some like a bigger lunch and lighter dinner, so all of these options can be used according to one’s needs, and eaten in any combination. Someone who wants a larger meal can eat more of them 🙂

And everyone’s favorite ~ desserts:


The nice thing about raw food is that it’s so healthy and full of nutrients that something that might be considered a “dessert” is healthy enough for breakfast! So the same breakfast items of a raw cobbler or chia pudding or sweet fruit shake can also be used as dessert!

And there are other things that are more “desserty”, like raw chocolates, cookies, pies, cheesecakes, and very elaborate cakes. A few years ago, I went to a wedding that had a fully raw menu including a raw wedding cake that was absolutely phenomenal.

So there really is no limit to the creativity and spectrum of foods that can be included in a raw diet – this list  just scratches the surface. I’ve added links to some of the raw food recipes that I have online, and to others that have tried and like. These links can be used as a beginning for ideas of other dishes, and there are tons more sites with recipes. Just get creative and have fun with it!

6 thoughts on “What is a typical raw food day like?”

  1. My day starts with a smoothie and lots of fruits (I don’t hold myself lol), then some dried nuts and dried fruits, A big salad for lunch, coconut water for dinner and maybe another salad if I’m hungry 🙂 I try to have lots of different variaties to maximise color and taste! There is no limit!

    1. First comes my regular TriYoga practice and 1-2 liters of purified water. Then a green juice and a bit later a green smoothie and half of a coconut. A salad or soup for dinner. This would be pretty typical a day. I also like to make a live cake on Sundays to have something ready if friends or my sweet tooth would show up.

  2. What a great guide! I am not raw, but I’ve been wanting to eat more raw foods. Do you have a favorite raw lasagne recipe?

    1. Glad you’re finding it helpful, Becky! Yes, my favorite raw lasagne recipe comes from one of Kristen’s Raw ebooks. I like hers because the ingredients are all nice and small, so it’s beautiful and easy to eat. I’m not fond of those that use full slices of zucchini and such because they are so hard to eat and it all falls apart once you take one slice off :-). The recipe that I use is from Kristen’s Raw Easy Transition Recipes ebook, which you can find here.

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