Avocado Lime Cake: Guest Post by MD Vegan ~ Vegan MOFO 2013


Back home after a few fun-filled days in Utah with Somer, but still not really back in the kitchen, so today I’m turning things over to my friend Mitradeva, a vegan chef from Berlin, who specializes in raw vegan meals. He’s generously sharing one of his easy and delicious raw vegan cake recipes with us.


It is a my greatest pleasure to be a guest of Kelli’s Vegan Kitchen, which I have been constantly following and commenting. Thanks, Kelli, for your amazing blog and for inviting me.

When Yogini Kaliji recommended that I make my own cooking videos to spread the vegan message, I just began videotaping my daily cooking and opened a YouTube channel.

I like quick and easy recipes for healthy and delicious food. And I like variety. From time to time it is also nice to have something fancy, for example to surprise friends 🙂

 Avocado Lime Cake

Avocados are among the cornerstones of a vegan diet, as they are one of the rare plants containing Vitamin D, of which clinical research finally showed –  among others – the importance in the prevention of colon cancer.

This delicious dessert is a variation of the classic live avocado lime cake, where limes are used to balance the strong and characteristic a bit oily omega 3 flavor of this wonderful healthy green fruit.

I found the recipe online and made some alterations according to my personal preferences.



300 g cashews

150 g dried figs

70 g dried shredded coconut

2 tablespoon coconut oil

2 tablespoon date mousse (dates blended with water 1 to 1)

zest of 4 limes

½ teaspoon vanilla powder

pinch salt

Process the ingredients in a food processor fitted with the s-blade to a sticky consistency and press into the bottom of a 9 inch springform and set aside in a fridge.


6 medium avocados

juice of 8 limes

zest of 4 limes

1 cup date mousse

50 g coconut butter

1 teaspoon vanilla powder


0.1 liter liquified coconut oil

Combine the liquified coconut oil with the smoothly blended other ingredients and fill into the springform on top of the crust. The cake will firm up in the frig within 8 hours. Decorate with dried shredded coconut before serving.


Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe with us, MD!  Here is the video of MD making this recipe.

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