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It’s the Lime, Baby ~ Vegan MOFO Day 6

Today's prompt for Vegan MOFO is to recreate a restaurant meal. Sadly, I've failed at that one as I'm writing these posts as I go and yesterday I taught a very fantastic, but very long, vegan cooking class, and didn't have time to create this great meal. Another day.... So I decided to deconstruct an… Continue reading It’s the Lime, Baby ~ Vegan MOFO Day 6


Avocado Lime Cake: Guest Post by MD Vegan ~ Vegan MOFO 2013

Back home after a few fun-filled days in Utah with Somer, but still not really back in the kitchen, so today I'm turning things over to my friend Mitradeva, a vegan chef from Berlin, who specializes in raw vegan meals. He's generously sharing one of his easy and delicious raw vegan cake recipes with us.… Continue reading Avocado Lime Cake: Guest Post by MD Vegan ~ Vegan MOFO 2013


Lime Green Springtime Cooler

This is a wonderfully refreshing drink. It has a strong lime flavor and is not very sweet, so it tastes incredibly healthy. You can adjust the amount of water -  using the amounts as listed, it is a delicious cooler, and if you reduce the amount of water, it is a thicker smoothie. 2 large… Continue reading Lime Green Springtime Cooler


Green Tea with Lime

I have a love-hate relationship with green tea.  I love it for all the wonderful benefits it has.... but so many green teas taste waaaay to grassy for me.  Some I love ~ I drink jasmine green tea nearly every day ~ but plain green tea.... not so much. I don't like to sweeten it....… Continue reading Green Tea with Lime


Cilantro-Lime Grilled Corn on the Cob

This week has definitely been made for grilling. Lots of raw foods, but the little bit of cooking that I did needed to be outside of the house.  And corn on the cob is one of those things that I try to do often during the summer, especially when it can be grilled. To add… Continue reading Cilantro-Lime Grilled Corn on the Cob