Blend it Up! , my new e-book, is coming out!

Exciting news! Blend it Up!, my first ebook, will be released on August 14! This guide to all things blended will show you the way to more energy, better digestion, increased immunity, weight loss and more. Containing more than 50 recipes, Blend it Up! will also include a 3-day cleansing menu with shopping list. And… Continue reading Blend it Up! , my new e-book, is coming out!


Lemon Parsley Smoothie

It's been a whirlwind few weeks! I was in Europe for 2 weeks, teaching vegan cooking classes and exploring all the great vegan places everywhere I went. If you follow me on Instagram, I posted lots of photos of what I ate and where I went. I found many great vegan restaurants, and ate well… Continue reading Lemon Parsley Smoothie


Cranberry Orange Smoothie

As you might be able to tell (from this and this), I love cranberries and oranges together. There is something about that sweet-tart flavor that's incredible to me, and this particular smoothie also incorporates the wonder ingredient tahini. Tahini is a fantastic ingredient to add to your diet as much as possible: sesame seeds (what tahini… Continue reading Cranberry Orange Smoothie


Mocha Mint Protein Smoothie & Vegan MOFO 2013

Happy Vegan Month of Food 2013! It's that time again, when your favorite food bloggers will be amping it up and putting out lots of great new recipes and info on their blogs. And there are some great themes this year. Some of the blogs I've been checking in with so far will be spending… Continue reading Mocha Mint Protein Smoothie & Vegan MOFO 2013


Blueberry Cardamom Smoothie & Fruit Salad with Cashew Cream

Today I have 2 new recipes out on the Breast Cancer Yoga Blog ! Blueberry Cardamom Smoothie and Fruit Salad with Cashew Cream... just in time for the beautiful spring weather and delicious fruits that are available to us now. I also have an article about fighting disease by eating MORE. What do you think… Continue reading Blueberry Cardamom Smoothie & Fruit Salad with Cashew Cream


Lime Green Springtime Cooler

This is a wonderfully refreshing drink. It has a strong lime flavor and is not very sweet, so it tastes incredibly healthy. You can adjust the amount of water -  using the amounts as listed, it is a delicious cooler, and if you reduce the amount of water, it is a thicker smoothie. 2 large… Continue reading Lime Green Springtime Cooler


Fabulous New Smoothie Combination…

This morning I made a fabulous smoothie. It was born due to some ingredients that needed to be used up rather than any grand inspiration, but it tasted great! One thing to keep in mind is that smoothies don't have to always follow a more traditional "sweet fruit/greens/banana or avo base/maybe some spice" type of… Continue reading Fabulous New Smoothie Combination…


Coconut Matcha Smoothie

I've had a little experience with matcha in the past, primarily in matcha tea lattes. They were ok, but I really didn't like the aftertaste that came along with it. I tried a few times, but it was kind of always the same. But lately, I've seen some different types of recipes using matcha -… Continue reading Coconut Matcha Smoothie


Refreshing Green Smoothie

This smoothie was actually a surprise for me ~ I had no idea it was going to turn out as good as it did. This morning I was craving something with lots of greens that would be light and cool, but discovered that the fridge was rather low on greens. What I found was a… Continue reading Refreshing Green Smoothie