Homemade Probiotic Drinks

I love drinks with  bubbles! Anything bubbly or sparkly will get my attention far quicker than something flat. So when I discovered that probiotic drinks (like Kevita) are bubbly, they got me hooked. What I didn’t so much like about them was the cost for something that will take me about 60 seconds to drink.

What I also like about them are the benefits that probiotics give. Probiotics are “good” bacteria that we need in our bodies, and help with things such as digestive health, urinary health, immunity, women’s health and more. That doesn’t mean to say that everyone needs to take probiotics to be healthy, but many of us can use a boost to keep things in check. Continue reading

Raw Strawberry Ginger Pudding

After a long year of storms and strange weather around the world, it is finally summer all over the northern hemisphere, and it’s hot! And when it’s hot, there is nothing better than beautiful fresh fruit in its myriad forms.

This week I was craving something fruity and cool and creamy, so I created this Strawberry Ginger Pudding… and it is delicious!


Get the recipe here