Vegan Travel Food: Quinoa Tabbouli

I've been traveling a lot over the past few years, and the people around me travel A LOT, so I'm always on the lookout for great food that travels well, either on a flight or in the car. Now this search certainly hasn't been without its comic relief, trying to work around security regulations. You… Continue reading Vegan Travel Food: Quinoa Tabbouli

Header, Vegan MOFO 2015

Orange Flower with Maple-Ginger Cream ~ Vegan MOFO Day 3

It's really interesting to me how some things stick with you for years. And years and years. The dish that I decided to make today was based on something I read in a book when I was 13. The book was called Taking Sides by Norma Klein, and it's about a girl whose parents divorce… Continue reading Orange Flower with Maple-Ginger Cream ~ Vegan MOFO Day 3


The best avocado toast ever…..

I love avocado toast. Really truly love it. Crunchy bread with soft and creamy avocado spread all over it ~ what could be better? This..... This is the best avocado toast I've ever had. It takes those amazing textures and adds the smoky spiciness of chipotle chili powder and a hint of coarse ground himalayan… Continue reading The best avocado toast ever…..


Daiya-stuffed Jalapeno Tempeh Burgers

Back on the 4th of July... Hopefully to return to posting with some regularity đŸ™‚ Today we had our 4th of July barbecue with some amazing food. My main contribution was something I have wanted to make for a while now ~ (vegan) Daiya-cheese stuffed jalapeno tempeh burgers. And they were amazing... The grilled burgers… Continue reading Daiya-stuffed Jalapeno Tempeh Burgers