Mini Vegan Shepherd’s Pies

Do you remember what you used to eat as a child? I remember a few things, but there are great big blank spaces. I remember sitting down for dinner with my family, but I have very few specific recollections. I do remember not liking a lot of things though. There was meatloaf (yuck), and there… Continue reading Mini Vegan Shepherd’s Pies


Tempeh-Stuffed Delicata Squash

I received this great photo over the weekend, and wanted to share it ~ and so I've also enclosed the recipe that's being used 🙂 . Last fall, I did an online vegan cooking class and talked about how the holidays can be rough when you are the only vegan around, and yes, sometimes we… Continue reading Tempeh-Stuffed Delicata Squash


Photo: Tempeh Stuffed Squash

In last month's Live Online Cooking Class, I demonstrated a recipe for Tempeh-Stuffed Delicata Squash ~ it came out great!  Bhavani just shared a photo of hers with me: Isn't it beautiful? She said that thanks to her husband's gardening, the spinach and arugula for the salad were picked less than an hour before. This… Continue reading Photo: Tempeh Stuffed Squash


Blackened Tempeh

I've wanted to create my own blackened tempeh recipe for a while - one that is oil free, not pan fried, and uses ingredients that are readily available in my pantry.... and it finally happened! This has a spicy, slightly smoky flavor, and is very simple to put together. Blackened Tempeh 2 packages of tempeh… Continue reading Blackened Tempeh


Daiya-stuffed Jalapeno Tempeh Burgers

Back on the 4th of July... Hopefully to return to posting with some regularity 🙂 Today we had our 4th of July barbecue with some amazing food. My main contribution was something I have wanted to make for a while now ~ (vegan) Daiya-cheese stuffed jalapeno tempeh burgers. And they were amazing... The grilled burgers… Continue reading Daiya-stuffed Jalapeno Tempeh Burgers


Tempeh meatballs

I've been looking for another form for tempeh recently and settled on tempeh meatballs. Easy to make, not too many ingredients and very tasty. In one shape or another, I can tell this recipe will become one of my staples. It was a very simple combination of ingredients - 2 packages of tempeh, 3 cloves… Continue reading Tempeh meatballs


Friday night is Italian night

During the week I suddenly had an urge to make lasagna. Now, I make lasagna about once every two or three years, if that, so this was a surprise. Today turned out to be the perfect day for it, with pouring rain and hail and thunderstorms. I thought about what kind to make and decided… Continue reading Friday night is Italian night