Mini Vegan Shepherd’s Pies

Do you remember what you used to eat as a child? I remember a few things, but there are great big blank spaces. I remember sitting down for dinner with my family, but I have very few specific recollections.

I do remember not liking a lot of things though. There was meatloaf (yuck), and there was spaghetti – I complained about the “pine needles” in the sauce so my parents tried to explain to me what rosemary was. With an aunt named Rosemary, I thought that was very funny as a 6 year old. ­čÖé ┬áThere were stuffed green peppers (really yuck), and there was chili. My mom actually made great chili, and that was the last thing I ate that had an animal in it (that story to come soon, as I’ll be updating my “About me” page later this week). And there was shepherd’s pie (always too dry).

But now I’ve decided to reclaim some of the things that I didn’t like and make great vegan versions of them, starting with the shepherd’s pie. That seemed like it could have potential if it were more fun, so I decided to make individual, portable shepherd’s pies. And they’re really cute! Continue reading