Cucumber Avocado Soup

Looking for recipes to make when it's too hot to cook? This quick and easy cucumber-avocado soup is the answer! Light and creamy with hints of jalapeño and mint, this blended soup is a perfect hot weather dish. Cucumber Avocado Soup 1 extra large or 3 small cucumbers (I used 3 Persian cukes) 1 medium avocado… Continue reading Cucumber Avocado Soup


Green Warrior-Goddess Soup

This was originally my idea for a nice raw green goddess soup ~ lots of herbs, some greens, a little creaminess, all combined to make a great live soup. The result, however, was more than I'd bargained for. You know how some green juice recipes, and some raw soup recipes, say "This is great for… Continue reading Green Warrior-Goddess Soup


Raw Strawberry Ginger Pudding

After a long year of storms and strange weather around the world, it is finally summer all over the northern hemisphere, and it's hot! And when it's hot, there is nothing better than beautiful fresh fruit in its myriad forms. This week I was craving something fruity and cool and creamy, so I created this… Continue reading Raw Strawberry Ginger Pudding


The best avocado toast ever…..

I love avocado toast. Really truly love it. Crunchy bread with soft and creamy avocado spread all over it ~ what could be better? This..... This is the best avocado toast I've ever had. It takes those amazing textures and adds the smoky spiciness of chipotle chili powder and a hint of coarse ground himalayan… Continue reading The best avocado toast ever…..


Citrusy Spring Rolls

Here I am again with something completely unlike me. I have to admit, I'm not one to mix citrus fruits with much else besides other fruits, juices, and smoothies. But lately, I've been seeing lots of recipes online mixing citrus with strange (to me) things - grapefruit in wraps, oranges in sandwiches and such. I… Continue reading Citrusy Spring Rolls