Cucumber Avocado Soup

Looking for recipes to make when it's too hot to cook? This quick and easy cucumber-avocado soup is the answer! Light and creamy with hints of jalapeño and mint, this blended soup is a perfect hot weather dish. Cucumber Avocado Soup 1 extra large or 3 small cucumbers (I used 3 Persian cukes) 1 medium avocado… Continue reading Cucumber Avocado Soup


Brussels Sprout Kaleslaw with Ginger-Dill Dressing

I've been all about exciting salads this summer. I love salads and make lots of them, but they are one of those things that have to be changed up regularly so they don't become routine and boring. So last week when I saw this salad posted by Afro-Vegan author Bryant Terry, I couldn't wait to… Continue reading Brussels Sprout Kaleslaw with Ginger-Dill Dressing


Pumpkin Rice Rounds

OK, I'll tell you right now that I struggled with what to call these things.  They are based on a loaf recipe, but they are certainly not a loaf.  I typed in "Pumpkin Rice Cakes" but then was afraid that people would think I'd made pumpkin-flavored rice cakes.  And they aren't muffins, although they were… Continue reading Pumpkin Rice Rounds