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It’s the Lime, Baby ~ Vegan MOFO Day 6

Today’s prompt for Vegan MOFO is to recreate a restaurant meal. Sadly, I’ve failed at that one as I’m broccoliwebwriting these posts as I go and yesterday I taught a very fantastic, but very long, vegan cooking class, and didn’t have time to create this great meal. Another day….

So I decided to deconstruct an incredible meal that I recently had in a restaurant to figure out why it was so good, and that led me down a path to finding my current favorite thing in the world. The answer is LIME.

As many of you know,  last weekend was my birthday and I took myself on a road trip to Salt Lake City. I got to do some really fun things including a fabulous concert on Friday evening and found this amazing veg restaurant called Zest Kitchen & Bar.


This dinner at Zest was the most amazing thing – it was an avocado filled with walnut pate, and salad with cilantro-lime viniagrette. And truly, the taste that made it incredible was the LIME in the dressing.

Zest also has a menu of fancy drinks made with fresh juices and ingredients. One of their specialties is a jalapeno margarita, which I had to try to see how it was. Fantastic… and it had an amazing LIME flavor.


And my favorite juice in the world is a green mojito juice ~ apple, mint and lime.


And this perfect smoothie ~ cucumber, parsley and lime.

So whenever you want something to taste good… it’s the LIME baby!


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