Some of my favorite information….

from the Food Revolution Summit, organized by John Robbins.

This online conference is featuring 24 experts who are sharing a wealth of information. Some of my favorite quotes and bits of information so far:

“To the degree that you move in a (healthy) direction, there will be a corresponding improvement, no matter your age, gender, etc. It’s not an all-or-nothing proposition. You can’t fail.”  Dr. Dean Ornish

“Cardiac disease is a food-borne illness.”  Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn

“Taking poisons to resolve bad lifestyle choices doesn’t work.”  Dr. Joel Fuhrman

“We overeat things our body doesn’t want anyway.” Morgan Spurlock, director of Supersize Me

An answer when people thing that being vegan is about deprivation: “You will never meet a more food-obsessed group of people than vegans. We love to eat.”  Rory Freedman, author of Skinny Bitch

“Don’t stay away from being a vegetarian because you’re afraid veganism will be too hard.” Rory Freedman, author of Skinny Bitch

Did you know:

~ research shows that once on a vegetarian diet, 500 genes in the body change – more good ones are turned on and more bad ones are turned off, particularly the ones that affect breast and prostate cancer

~ When Monsanto’s pesticides contaminate a farmer’s crop, Monsanto can sue the farmer under patent law – and THEY WIN!

~ 45 million people in the world eat at McDonald’s each day – 22.5 million of them are in the US

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