Apple Thyme Vinaigrette ~ Vegan MOFO Day 14

Often the conversation running through my mind as I plan or create new recipes is rather random. The one I had today went like this: "I should do a dressing recipe today, I haven't done one of those for a while." "What kind.... how about that orange maple viniagrette. No, there's no maple syrup." (glance… Continue reading Apple Thyme Vinaigrette ~ Vegan MOFO Day 14


Garlic-Thyme Pasta with Arugula

Finally the heat wave has broken! Not that I don't like hot weather, but I was getting a little tired of being hot and sweaty all the time. But today was it ~ 75 degrees, sunny with a nice breeze and I couldn't wait to get outside to enjoy it. It took a little doing,… Continue reading Garlic-Thyme Pasta with Arugula


Fresh Spinach Soup with Thyme

This is one of my favorite kinds of recipes ~ it's simple and quick to make, and tastes great! It's perfect now, with all the fresh greens at our fingertips, but it also works year-round, as you can use any kind of leaf or pretty much any green thing in it. We made this at… Continue reading Fresh Spinach Soup with Thyme