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Sesame Kingdom Tahini Spreads

Calling all tahini lovers ~ this one’s for you!

Recently the wonderful people at Sesame Kingdom asked me to try some of their new Mediterranean tahini spreads, and let me tell you, they are amazing!

But before we get to that, I wanted to announce the winner of a copy of The Vegan Air Fryer. With many entries (and lots of amazing things to be made in the air fryer), the winner is Kathy, who chose sweet potato fries as her entry. Kathy, I’ll be in touch this week to get your mailing address.

And now back to our delicious tahini spreads…

Stone ground sesame seeds blended with dates and whole food flavorings become a silky smooth, sweet and spicy spread that’s perfect on fruit, bread, crackers ~ or anything else you can create.  Thinned with water or plant-based milk, they make a wonderful sauce for fruit salad; with an added dash of vinegar, they turn into a great dressing for a green salad or steamed veggies. Top your oatmeal with some pomegranate or strawberry spread, or some graham crackers with the carob chocolate spread. The possibilities are endless.

In addition to being vegan, they are nut-free, gluten-free, and use all organic ingredients. And if you want to make sure you don’t run out, they have a subscription service (and give a free jar with every delivery! They are also shelf-stable after opening, so they make a great travel food.

Give them a try, you’ll love them!

(Note: All opinions are my own. I received samples of Sesame Kingdom spreads in exchange for my honest review).

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